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Alessandro Brunello

Founder, Director, Curator

Alessandro Brunello NFT expert, writer, he holds the European Crowdfunding record since 2018. Considered as a reference figure in the transition from Crowd-Economy to Token-Economy, Alessandro is member of the New York Academy of Sciences and IAG (Italian Angels for Growth). In March 2021, Alessandro launched the Premessa della Premessa experiment, the first NFT by a mainstream Italian artist: Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan. In 2020 he began collaborating with Museums and art galleries on the implementation of Solidity solutions for the Art market.


Marco Nereo Rotelli

Art Direction Team, Artist

Marco Nereo Rotelli is an artist. For years he researched light and the poetic dimension, which Harald Szeemann has defined “an expansion of the artistic contest”. He has always created a solid relationship between art and other disciplines of knowledge, especially with poetry. In 2013 he was invited by Northwestern University as artist-in-residence. Rotelli participated to nine editions of the Biennale di Venezia, as well as numerous individual and collective exhibitions.
His works of art are in important museums and private collections all over the world. Important art critics, as well as poets, writers, philosophers and international cultural celebrities have written about him, increasing an important bibliographic collection on his work.


Eleonora Leo

Founder, Artists Relations

Eleonora Leo has worked for over 10 years with the role of CEO Assistant in DSQUARED2 dealing with the management and coordination of Communication and Event Organization activities, related to fashion and Design. She also hold the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Mirai Labs, taking care of promoting and organizing activities in order to implement positive change in the direction of eco-compatibility, designing and supporting new generation eco-sustainable projects.


Die With The Most Likes

Art Direction Team , Artist

Die With the Most Likes is an Indiana-based artist and writer fueled by humanity’s excruciating but willing descent into characterless orbs engineered for aimless consumption and expulsion. His art is birthed from the same blue light that is destroying us all, propelling the already unstoppable orgy of senseless ingestion. His undying digital presence has infected entities like KnownOrigin, Foundation and Hic Et Nunc. 

He has books published with Orbis Tertius (Until No Crevice Remained) Press and Fly on the Wall  press (PowerPoint Eulog).

Alessio Bertallot Art Direction Team – Mucical Curator Wrong Theory

Alessio Bertallot

Art Direction Team, Music Curator

DJ, singer, songwriter, Alessio Bertallot is a well known opinion leader for music. He started in Italy on Radio DeeJay, Radio 2 RAI  as well as TV show on  Mtv ,  Rai 5  and Sky Art. 2015 – 2017 he was  Artistic Director of TIMmusic, the only Italian Music Streaming Platform.  Currently he is Artistic Director of  Mercato Centrale Milano, Radio Casa Bertallot web Radio,  podcast creator on www.patreon.com/alessiobertallot.

Livio Magnini Art Direction Team – Producer

Livio Magnini

Art Direction Team, Music Producer

Livio Magnini  è un produttore, sound engineer, autore, editore e musicista. Direttore tecnico e di produzione, organizzazione e gestione eventi. Chitarrista e produttore del gruppo musicale Bluvertigo, nel 1998 vince il prestigioso MTV Award per la categoria South Europe e il Disco d’Oro per le 200.000 copie vendute di “Metallo non Metallo”. Nel Vince il Nastro d’Argento per il suond engineering e la co-produzione del brano “ Gocce di Memoria” di Giorgia. Come

produttore conseguirà grazie all’artista diversi dischi di Platino e d’oro per un totale di più di 1.000.000 di copie vendute.

Ha collaborato sia artisticamente che a livello produttivo e organizzativo con molti tra i più acclamati artisti italiani e internazionali e con realtà come La Scala di Milano, il Cirque Du Soleil, Triennale Milano, Vodafone, Google e molti altri.

Grande appassionato di scherma, membro delle Fiamme Oro e stella d’oro al merito sportivo nel 2016, ha vinto il campionato del mondo di scherma under 20 a Denver (Colorado) nel 1992.

iva quaroni

Ivan Quaroni

Art Critic, Curator

Ivan Quaroni graduated with honours in Modern Literature at the State University of Milan. Critic, curator and journalist, he has written for the Italian magazines “Flash Art”, “Arte” and “Arte in”. He has curated numerous exhibitions in public
spaces and private galleries and has published the books Laboratorio Italia. Nuove tendenze in pittura (2008, Johan & Levi), Italian Newbrow (2010, Giancarlo Politi) and Beautiful Dreamers. Il nuovo sogno americano tra Lowbrow Art e Pop Surrealism (2017, Falsopiano). He teaches History of Contemporary Art at the Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli in Como and Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at the IED – Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. In 2021 he curated NFT’s first European public exhibition, entitled “The Future is Unwritten” at Villa Ciani in Lugano


Carlo Biasia

Art Direction Team, Architect

1982. Lives and works in Milan. Trained at IUAV, faculty of architecture in Venice, he studied photography, housing, and urban planning, landscape; He has been working for almost 15 years in contemporary art, fashion, and product design. He has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Archeology. Currently, he is working for Interni Magazine FuoriSalone Event for Mondadori Media as Special Projects Architect and internationally for the promotion for Interni System of Communication.
He occasionally writes articles for the Annual Special Issues.


Elena Lombardi

Art Direction Team, Architect

Elena Lombardi graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and got a post-graduate degree in “Art and Culture: Marketing, Communication and Fundraising Strategies” offered by Sole24Ore. She began working in the art world in 2005 when she organised and managed Marco Nereo Rotelli’s exhibitions and installations and Art Project, his studio, of which she has been the director since 2013. She deals with art, but also poetry, music, photography and filmmaking projects. Over the years she has had the opportunity to collaborate with institutions such as The Field Musuem and Northwestern University in Chicago, Espace culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris, Palazzo Reale in Milan and MACRO in Rome.

Mattia Giordano – Art Direction Team – Artist Wrong Theory

Mattia Giordano

Art Direction Team, Artist

Mattia Giordano is an artist, photographer and director born in Italy,  he currently lives between the Netherlands and Italy.
His eclectic artistic conception, halfway between video art and photography – a link born from the playful encounter, which initially took place through disposable cameras, and merged into exhibitions, site-specific installations and commissioned creative projects.
His poetry focuses on the emotional bond with the objects and subjects portrayed, using expdients and techniques that outline unusual stories and anomalous relationships from everyday life and apparent normality.
His approach lays its foundations in the deepening of urban social contexts and recurring actions.


Alan Tonetti


Alan Tonetti is CEO and founder of Taodust, the first reality in the world to talk about the tokenization of assets since 2018, co-founder of Royblock, a reality aiming to create a link between NFTs and the world of rights and music, as well as co-founder of Stardust Spa, an Italian media company that has already industrialized the world of influencer marketing. Fintech and mass communication expert, Alan takes part as a speaker at all the main blockchain conferences in the world since 2018.



Art Direction Team, Artist

Eskalator – also known ad Mike Highsnob – is an Italian rapper, author, and ex-graffiti artist. He gravitated towards the world of graffiti and street art since he was a young boy, then in 2010, he deviated from the world of visual art to focus exclusively on his music. Currently, he claims millions of streams on Spotify and two Gold Records. By the end of 2019, he started painting acrylic on canvas searching for an artistic outlet and at the beginning of the current year he digitized his first work together with an unreleased freestyle track. “Blowout” was his first NFT, published under the pseudonym “Eskalator”. His works were exhibited between 2021 – 2022 at the 2121 Crypto Art is Now exhibition curated by Wrong Theory at the Museo Della Permanente di Milano. HIGHSNOB participated in the 72 Sanremo Italian Song Festival 2022 wearing one of his NFT works on the stage of the Ariston.


Serena Tabacchi


Serena Tabacchi is director and co-founder of the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA) born in London in 2019. She worked at TATE Modern and Britain in London. She carries out curatorial activities and promotes the education of digital art and new technologies at public events and academic seminars (University College London, University of Greenwich, Cattolica University, Bocconi University, Padua University, ARTE GENERALI, IULM)


Elisabetta Roncati

WT Media Team, Influencer

Born in Genoa, Milanese by adoption, Elisabetta Roncati decided to combine her university education in economics and management with her passion for culture with a goal: bringing people closer to the art market in a clear, easily understandable and professional way. In 2018 she founded the registered trademark Art Nomade Milan that she uses to speak about art and culture on the main social media platforms. Currently she is one of the most known Italian art and culture popularizer, with many interviews on the main newspapers, radio and tv shows. Interested in all forms of artistic and cultural expressions, contemporary and otherwise, she has three great passions: the digital art market, the Middle East panorama and African contemporary art. As an art consultant, she firmly believes that culture has the power to transcend the boundaries of individual nations, creating a global community of art lovers.

antonio mazzacano

Alfonso Mazzacano

Editorial Staff

Alfonso Mazzacano is a fashion designer and illustrator graduated at Istituto Marangoni Milano.
Always fascinated by languages and foreign cultures, he studied languages in high school and he is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish.
Passionate about art and nature, his aesthetic is in constant evolution trying to capture the beauty within the daily life.

isacco nenzi filmaker wrong theory

Isacco Nenzi


Isacco Nenzi is an Italian Brazilian-born camera department and filmmaker based in Milan. Inspired by the greatest contemporary DOPs such as Lubezki, Young and Fraser, his images tend to have a great visual impact, maintaining the simplicity of minimalism, thanks to the combination of soft light, bright colors and large spaces. He mainly prefers the hand camera technique, to give the images a more realistic flavor, thus combining the accuracy of minimalism with the imprecision of the human hand.

He has been working in both the art and fashion fields since 2017.

petra leonardo petraroli


Community Staff

Petra is the youngest member of the staff, 18 years old. Musical artist and model, passionate about visual arts and green economy.
Supports social and PR activities.

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