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The new frontiers of art 

WRONG THEORY, born from the collaboration between artistic, curatorial and managerial expertise, is the curatorial and productive reference for Crypto and Contemporary Art in the physical world and in the Metaverse.

By making sensibility and decentralized languages usable, WRONG THEORY creates meeting and contamination opportunities between new instances and trends in the universally recognized artistic and cultural landscape.
WRONG THEORY as well as supporting innovative artists and projects, is the Real Life production of the NFT space.


2121 Crypto Art is now!

The first catalog of Crypto Art

Meet the artist:

Discover the artists and their works
Dangiuz - -wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft


Leopoldo D’Angelo born 11 July 1995 in Turin, Italy, better known by the pseudonym “Dangiuz”, is an Italian contemporary visual artist, crypto artist, art director and graphic designer specialising in sci-fi and retro-futuristic themes.
Skygolpe - wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft


The essential figures that emerge from Skygolpe’s research have an openly disruptive immediacy and impact. His work represents the artist’s tension towards the definition of a clear idea and a path outlined towards direct introspection.
Fabio-Giampietro -wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft

Fabio Giampietro

Fabio Giampietro is an Italian oil painter. His work combines traditional painting and virtual reality.
Hexeract -- wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft


Hexeract is a creative director and leading international designer, who specialized in industrial design, hard-surface design, and robotics.
Toomuchlag - wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft


Stefan Mathez is toomuchlag, a Swiss-Italian, London-based multidisciplinary visual artist and director. Known for his futuristic works, toomuchlag explores the dichotomy of light and dark, creating iconography that blends the dystopian and the celestial.

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo is an award-winning visual artist based between London and Milan. His research is aiming to create a bridge between art and science.

Giovanni Motta

Giovanni Motta was born in Verona in 1971. After studying accountancy, he began working in the world of communication as a creative and advertising designer, collaborating with Emanuele Pirella in Milan, among others.
Jesse Draxler --wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft

Jesse Draxler

Jesse Draxler is a prolific and influential creator whose work exists at an intersection of mediums and practices ranging from the most guttural and crude mark making to digital applications.
Billelis - - -wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft


Billelis is a digital artist specialized in dark visuals and decorative art. Currently based in the moody city of Edinburgh,
DIEWITHTHEMOSTLIKES-wrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart


Diewiththemostlikes is an Indiana (USA) based artist and writer fueled by humanity’s excruciating but willing descent into characterless orbs engineered for aimless consumption and expulsion.

Raphael Lacoste

Raphael Lacoste was the Art Director at Ubisoft on such titles as “Prince of Persia” and “Assassin’s Creed”.
Sofia-Crespo - -wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft

Sofia Crespo

Sofia Crespo is an artist working with a huge interest in biology-inspired technologies.
Miss Al Simpson-wrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart

Miss Al Simpson

Miss AL Simpson is an OG Crypto Artist with a unique style, merging a graffiti style similar to Basquiat, Rauschenberg and Kippenberger with historical motifs and animation.


Zhuk was born in 1992 into a family of artists. Zhuk’s creative production revolves around classical figurative painting presented in a contemporary key.
JAN ERICHSENwrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart

Jan Hakon Erichsen

Jan Hakon Erichsen works with performance for video, which he shares daily across his social media. In his videos, the artist explores the things we surround ourselves

Santiago Pani

Santiago Pani (b. 1990) is a Mexican artist currently living and working in The Netherlands. Recently, he has focused on the portrait series Personal Universe.

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