The choice to give life to 2121 CRYPTO ART IS NOW, the first museum exhibition of works by the main NFT artists in the world, was born with intentions much more than revolutionary: let’s go beyond the usual concepts of a new frontier, innovation, paradigm shift that have plagued any area of human knowledge for over ten years now. 


The exhibition is a three-dimensional table at which we are all called to play our game: museum, curators, artists, collectors, visitors to the exhibition. This shared table is an instrument to be cared for, which we cannot afford to overturn by yielding to the temptation of disruption at all costs. 


The scenarios of a dystopian future, already represented, sublimated and surpassed by Crypto Art, are the background from which immediate and propulsive collaborations spontaneously emerge between couples of Crypto Artists who share ideas, research and revenue and which, like never before, converge in 2121 CRYPTO ART IS NOW with the totality of the exponents of value of the movement, contextualizing individualities which up to now have been found to be close in the medium but siderally distant in context.


Anticipating the times of an inevitable diffusion for many, nullifying the technological gaps and delivering to the gaze and participation of the visitors of the exhibition a very rich window and as never frequented by the undisputed protagonists of Crypto Art, the Museum complies, in the highest way, to its most important vocation. 

The artists that you will find in the exhibition together with their works, presented in the following pages, are artists beyond the execution. In fact, they have embodied winning and disintermediated management models of distribution, marketing, positioning, both for their production and for the strategy relating to how this production, and themselves, are perceived and consequently evaluated.


The artists:


Billelis is a digital artist specialized in dark visuals and decorative art. Currently based in the moody city of Edinburgh,
Miss Al Simpson-wrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart

Miss Al Simpson

Miss AL Simpson is an OG Crypto Artist with a unique style, merging a graffiti style similar to Basquiat, Rauschenberg and Kippenberger with historical motifs and animation.
DIEWITHTHEMOSTLIKES-wrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart


Diewiththemostlikes is an Indiana (USA) based artist and writer fueled by humanity’s excruciating but willing descent into characterless orbs engineered for aimless consumption and expulsion.
ZHUK wrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart


Zhuk was born in 1992 into a family of artists. Zhuk’s creative production revolves around classical figurative painting presented in a contemporary key.
RAPHAEL LACOSTE-wrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart

Raphael Lacoste

Raphael Lacoste was the Art Director at Ubisoft on such titles as “Prince of Persia” and “Assassin’s Creed”.
JAN ERICHSENwrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart

Jan Hakon Erichsen

Jan Hakon Erichsen works with performance for video, which he shares daily across his social media. In his videos, the artist explores the things we surround ourselves
Sofia Crespo-wrong-theory-dart2121 museo della permanente art nft cryptoart

Sofia Crespo

Sofia Crespo is an artist working with a huge interest in biology-inspired technologies.
Santiango Pani wrong theory prima mostra museale dart2121 cryptpoart nft

Santiago Pani

Santiago Pani (b. 1990) is a Mexican artist currently living and working in The Netherlands. Recently, he has focused on the portrait series Personal Universe.

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