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Santiago Pani

Santiago Pani (b. 1990) is a Mexican artist currently living and working in The Netherlands. Recently, he has focused on the portrait series Personal Universe. The series is inspired by anonymous characters and memories of people that are layered in people’s subconscious during the course of life: the idea is that, sometimes while awake and sometimes during dreams, these anonymous visitors are recalled by our mind to interact and influence again the personal history of each of us. These themes, concepts and ideas are very dear to the artist, who has become attached to them in recent times, which makes the production of these pieces very organic and visceral. 


Santiago Pani is also part of the Arthouse art initiative which runs the two art residencies, Arthouse Holland in the Netherlands and Arthouse Pani in Mexico, as well as organising other art projects such as the Arthouse 1606 residency and #sketch x4.