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Jan Hakon Erichsen

Jan Hakon Erichsen works with performance for video, which he shares daily across his social media. In his videos, the artist explores the things we surround ourselves with, often through destroying everyday objects in excessive ways or using them in an unorthodox manner. The artist’s performances are usually sculpturally based, with crude destruction machines as a reoccurring theme: he makes everything, from very simple devices to complex contraptions that are all designed to destroy everyday objects of low monetary value. 


The last four years, he has been working with the internet as main arena to showcase his work and in that time he has become one of the performance artists who reaches the most people this way, with a large following and millions of video views. 


Erichsen’s art has been shown in galleries and festivals around the world since he finished his education at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Among them, Lights On at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, Tomorrow People at Elevator Gallery in London and Flat Out at AC Gallery in New York. His work has gotten attention from media across the globe, among them Art in America, Kunstforum International and New York Magazine.