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Andrea Chiampo

Andrea Chiampo is a London-based Italian Digital Artist and established Concept Designer for the Entertainment Industry. Client list includes Disney, Netflix, 20th Century Fox, The Mill and many more.


Chiampo was born and raised in Italy, where he has been surrounded by art since his early age. Composition, lighting and storytelling have been influenced by old masters. In fact, his family ran an antique’s business and he grew up among beautiful old prints, sculptures and art pieces.


There are secrets hidden in each of these pieces. I want each viewer’s personal Interpretation to become the ticket to their own journey”. 


Although his work is mainly known for his distinct and never-before-seen creature design characterized by an excellent use of translucency, texturing, rendering and lighting, Chiampo has lately aroused curiosity among the Digital Art community after the reveal of a new, unique and evocative style. What at first sight might be misunderstood as an antique and eerie lithography is instead the result of Andrea’s digital sculpting and 3D rendering.


The difference between my typical creature work and this genre is dictated by the fact that the latter has definitely not been required nor influenced by industry demand”.


By choice of the artist, the pieces don’t come with a detailed description.