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Mad Maraca

Mari.K, best known as Mad Maraca, is 3D designer, Voxel artist and Metaverse Architect with more than 10 years experience in digital art. She has been an active NFT artist/collector since January 2021 and has been featured in many exhibitions in the NFT space since, such as “Influences” show, a physical / Virtual event held in Brooklyn New York. SuperRare’s first virtual exhibition in Decentraland “Invisible Cities” and a virtual sci-fi exhibition “ARC NOVO” in The Metaverse.


Her main expertise is in voxel art, which is essentially 3D pixel art through 3D pixels/small cubes called ‘voxels’., thanks to which she creates micro worlds / dioramas with intricate details. Through her work she combines architecture, culture and nature by creating unseen fantasy worlds for her audience to explore and discover.