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Nate Hill

Nate Hill is a digital artist and freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia. Nate took the long way around to finding his calling as an artist. He went from a visual arts degree, to playing, recording, touring in various bands, to teaching. While teaching drums, he worked part time as a portrait photographer, coupled with being a stay at home Dad. Now he has found his groove with a mix of photography, videography, photo manipulation, digital art and design. 

Nate has worked with a number of high profile clients including Apple, Disney/Star Wars, Warner Music, and Foot Locker. His work has also been featured and shared far and wide on social media by high profile accounts including Adobe Photoshop, Juxtapoz Magazine, and Photographize Magazine just to name a few. 


Nate Hill’s work is largely influenced by music and he is passionate about working with bands and artists creating visuals to accompany their music. He has a recognisable style of his own that includes his ongoing series of wild black and white line ‘Digital Landscapes’ and his series of photo manipulations that he titled ‘Twisted Landscapes’ that was the subject of his first solo exhibition.