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Pindar Van Arman

Pindar Van Arman is an AI artist based in the United States who explores creativity with his painting robots. His first machines were plotter printers that simply dipped a brush in paint and dragged it from point to point. His most recent robotic arms, however, use feedback loops, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to operate at the exploratory edge of computational creativity. In a recent review of AI-generated art, famed New York City art critic Jerry Saltz singled out one of Van Arman’s paintings saying, “This is the first image I’ve seen that doesn’t look like a computer made it.”


Van Arman’s art has been recognized by multiple organizations over the years including NPR, NeurIPS, MOCA, Microsoft, and NVIDIA. He was recently awarded First Place in Robot Art 2018, a $100,000 international competition, and was a semi-finalist in Google’s Dev-Art Competition at the Barbican. He has spoken on the topic of computational creativity around the world including at a TEDx Talk in Washington DC and at the MBN Y Forum in Korea.