Matt Kane

Matt Kane

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Matt Kane is a Chicago-born artist and self-taught programmer prominently active in the crypto art and NFT scene. His advocacy for the rights of artists to participate in their own success led to a minimum 10% secondary-sale royalty standard for artists across the NFT industry by mid 2020. Kane was listed among the Top 100 Notable People in Blockchain by Cointelegraph and was the winner of 2020’s Most Innovative NFT Award. In the last year, his work has been featured at exhibitions in Rome, Beijing, Nanjing, New York, London, and Hong Kong. This past summer, the NFT for his digital artwork “Meules after Claude Monet” was part of Sotheby’s premier curated NFT sale, “Natively Digital.”

In October Kane premiered “The Door,” as the very first custom series smart contract on legendary NFT platform SuperRare. Through the custom art studio software he designed, Kane leverages generative algorithms to produce vibrant, richly detailed and multilayered visions addressing the most varied themes, “exploring historical aesthetics with code, doing with geometry what the great painters did with oils.”

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