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ROBNESS is a cryptoartist, musician and author based in Los Angeles, California(U.S.A.) Self taught in all trades and expressions he was seminal in being part of the very beginnings of tokenized artwork on the blockchain. During the years of 2016-2018, he participated in the Rarepepe meme trading group that was to become the first decentralized art movement which experimented with the Bitcoin blockchain and utilized the Counterparty protocol to create the first proof of concepts regarding a truly decentralized cryptoart community. From there he began to see the sprouting of the cryptoart ‘gallery’ phase in 2019 and began participating by creating more personal works and releasing them on the Ethereum network.

His work can be found on most notable cryptoart platforms such as Superrare, KnownOrigin, Opensea, Makersplace, Rarible and Hic Et Nunc to name a few. He has become recognized as the creator of the ‘64 Gallon Toter,’ a piece that got him and his piece expelled from the globally recognized cryptoart platform SuperRare. Detailed in an expose written by Cointelegraph at the time, this work was the genesis piece that spawned the #Trashart movement and saw artists from around the globe make digital trash artworks in either commentary or homage, most sympathetic to the tenets of artistic freedom in a space still learning about art history, reappropriation, copyright laws and its connections to the future. From that time until now, ROBNESS has been creating works of many styles and is known for not staying in one style for too long, always inventing new visual formats or challenging one of the most important questions in the NFT space, what does it mean to create cryptoart?

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