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My name is Connor Sinclair. I am a self-taught, abstract artist from Chicago, IL. My artistic journey began when I started drawing multiple faces using one line to express the idea that we are all connected. My style has evolved since then, but I am still inspired by the many ways in which people are connected to each other. My goal is to express what connects us: the emotions and experiences we all share, in a form we can all relate to. This goal is at the foundation of my work. Although I am colorblind, I am not afraid to use color. I combine bold colors, geometric shapes, and fine lines to simplify the complex nature of life.

Whether I am painting, drawing, or animating, I am constantly experimenting, finding new and better ways to express myself. The way I create something depends on the idea that I am trying to communicate. For example, I started creating portraits out of cubes and other 3D objects in order to show how people objectify others. Every aspect of my work holds meaning. Sometimes my work is simple, sometimes it is complex, but no matter what, my art is always deeper than what meets the eye.

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